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Workshop for Teachers - Book Now!
Workshop for Teachers - Book Now!

In order to facilitate a better understanding of the core issues being addressed in our new I Have a Dream Campaign, CMPHR is holding a series of workshops called ‘FACING THE FUTURE’ on the first component of the campaign: “I Have a Dream…of a Clean, Green World”. These workshops are ongoing till May 2010 and will be held in individual schools.

If you are interested in your school taking part in this travelling workshop, please contact us on 021-35800245 or 35886481 Monday – Friday between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.
Aims of the Workshop:
  • Create awareness about basic environmental issues i.e. climate change, global warming, unsustainable consumption of resources, environmental degradation, etc.
  • Realize the importance of making students environmentally conscious.
  • Understand why we are facing an environmental crisis and what the consequences of the continuous abuse of our natural environment can be.
  • Create awareness about concrete steps that can be taken by individuals, schools, and societies to help protect the environment.
Teachers will receive a certification of participation issued by the Children’s Museum for Peace & Human Rights.
“Schools are also entitled to a free Student Session of ‘Facing the Future’ after a Teachers’ Workshop has been held. Bookings for the Student Session can be made along with the bookings for the Teachers’ Workshop.”
Minimum number of teachers: 15
Maximum number of teachers: 40
Workshop fee for Institutional Members: Rs. 300 per teacher
Workshop fee for Non-Institutional Members: Rs. 500 per teacher