We Have the Power Campaign Aug 07 – May 09


August 2007 – May 2009


  • To encourage the idea that all individuals have the power to make a difference
  • To promote confidence in children to voice their opinions
  • To realize that things can be made better if everyone works together
  • To raise awareness about three different issues simultaneously, i.e. improving facilities for the disabled, preventing violence and highlighting achievements of social activists.


No Activity Output School Participation Details
1 Poetry writing ‘I will use my power to…’ 4,067 poems received 55 schools

2 Petition signing on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 75,000 signatures collected and government signed the Convention 55 schools

3 Celebrating International Day of Disabled Persons Handing over of 40,000 signatures to Minister Shahida Jamil

Celebrated at the Special People’s Park in Clifton
4 Class discussion on Violence: ‘What do I feel?”

25 schools

5 Media Research on Violence

48 schools

6 & 7

Personal & Collective Pledge Against Violence
34,330 collected 58 schools

Panel Discussion on: ‘Violence in Society’ (sec schools)

17 schools

Art Activity: Design a stamp
3, 876 stamps received 61 schools
Art exhibition held at Frere Hall to display the children’s work
Activists as Role Models: Research & poster making

24 schools

Rights And Responsibilities:
A Personal Declaration
5275 entries received 48 schools