Say No to Violence-Yes to Peaceful Conflict Resolution

The campaign for SAY NO TO VIOLENCE– – YES TO PEACEFUL CONFLICT RESOLUTION was designed on a Thematic approach to integrate the course within the school’s existing Social Studies curriculum. The campaign began with an Opening event where 30 schools brought select students to participate in the event.

“Say No to Violence…..Yes to Peaceful Conflict Resolutions”

was run for a year in Karachi. The first Day activity was conducted on in August with 30 schools and over 150 students. The aim of the event was to create awareness in children about Violence and Extremism and its impact on society and to demonstrate how conflicts need to be resolved.

The guest speakers made Presentations on the following topics:

  • Introducing Hanns Seidel Foundation and CMPHR. Dr. Habiba Hasan.
  • What is Violence? How it impacts on our lives. Azra Raza.
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Barrister Nausheen Ahmed.
  • How conflicts impact on children and how they can resolve it. Dr. Shifa Naeem, Psychologist.
  • How do we resolve conflicts? (interesting role play and activities) Mrs. Rana Hasnain, Academic Coordinator CMPHR.

Each student was to take part in the advocacy of this topic back to their schools, families and community and reach out to 50 persons through signatures on the pledge forms and to inculcate a culture of non-violence in schools and community.

The students will be invited back for the Day 2 activity on 24th October at the Goethe Institut to demonstrate their learning through presentations, art work, writings and talks

The topic ‘Say No to Violence…..Yes to Conflict Resolution” was done in Karachi at a time when the city is most volatile and experiencing blood-shed and high rise in violence, terrorism and bombing. The message sent out by the children with yearning for a peaceful and calm environment is at its peak.