Right-on Membership Network For Children

If you are a student under the age of 16 join us as a Right-On Member

If you are a student over the age of 17 join us as a Friend of Right-On



What Is The Right-On Network?
The Right-On Network is a youth network group. Children under the age of 16 can decide to become a Right-On members to show their interest and commitment to working for human rights and social issues.

Once you have become a Right-On member, you will receive regular campaign mailings that include detailed guides to activities that you can carry out on your own or with the help of other members in your school.

What Is A Right-On Club?
If 25 or more Right-On members exist in one school, that school can choose join as an Institutional Member and form a Right-On club in which the children can organise themselves as a group to carry out activities. One nominated teacher becomes the Right-On Coordinator for the school and accompanies children to events.

What Events Can I Attend?
Right-On members and coordinators will receive invitations to two meetings a year and one annual Right-On Conference held by CMPHR in which they will engage with other members and clubs from other schools, and share the activities that they have been working on. They also have the opportunity to interact with speakers who are inspiring activists and go on field trips.

What Do Right-On Members Do?
Right-On members take up a social issue. This issue can be something that you or your club come up with yourselves or you can take on a CMPHR campaign (e.g. disability, say ‘NO’ to violence, diversity and tolerance etc).


You then can carry out the following activities on the campaign:

  • Awareness-raising: e.g. through drama, art, debates, films shows, competitions etc.
  • Campaigning: e.g. petition signing/signature drives, social work, clean up drive, walks, drama/quizzes etc
  • Fund-raising: Selling CMPHR merchandise (greeting cards, t-shirt, stationary), selling self-made/hand-made merchandise, donation drives etc
  • Right-On Magazines: As a Right-On member you can submit articles for the CMPHR youth magazine in English or Urdu. The magazines contain articles regarding social issues, human rights and current news. These magazines are free for all Right-On members.

How Do I Become A Member?

To become a Right-On Member, an annual fee of Rs 200 is required. You will also need to fill in a membership form with your contact details. Click here to download the membership form



What is a Friend of Right-On?
Friends of Right-On is a programme designed by CMPHR for young people from the age of 17 and over who are interested in working with and volunteering at CMPHR. Usually children who have been previous members of the Right-On Network can progress to becoming a ‘friend’ as they move on to college.

What Does a Friend of Right-On do?

  • As a friend of Right-On you will receive the CMPHR mailing on campaign activities and can choose to take part in activities such as awareness raising, fund-raising.
  • You can help by volunteering in CMPHR events such as the annual multimedia show, Right-On conferences etc.

How do I become a Friend of Right-On?

To become a friend of Right-On, an annual fee of Rs.500 is required. You will also need to fill in a membership form with your contact details. Click here to download the membership form