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Why should my school work with CMPHR?

Through the campaigns run by CMPHR your students will:

Gain an education in social awareness and learn to raise questions about social issues
Be encouraged to think critically through informed dialogue and debate, instead of learning by rote
Gain skills such as analytical and conceptual skills, problem solving, conflict resolution and communication skills
Develop strong and positive attitudes by introducing words like solidarity, cooperation, trust, tolerance and empathy into their vocabulary
Realise they can contribute effectively to creating a society to their liking
Realise they do not blindly need to follow the current trends and they can become proactive rather than reactive members of society.
Relate to the social world, breaking the monopoly of the desire for material betterment
What are the ways in which my school can get involved?
Level 1: Register for the CMPHR free mailing list and receive:
Lesson plans on how to run the latest campaign in your school
Newsletter on the activities of CMPHR’s children’s network (Right-On)
Invitations to Open Events
Opportunities to attend teacher workshops (Full rates)
An invitation for student and teacher representatives to attend one free Activism Project workshop
To register on the mailing list click here
Level 2: Become an Institutional Member and have the added benefit of:
Being invited to Special Events
Having opportunities to attend teacher workshops at reduced rates
Being invited to Activism Project workshops
Receiving discounts on Books and Teaching material
Receiving copies of CMPHR Publications (Aware and Aagah magazines)
Access to CMPHR Resource Centre
To become an Institutional member click here
Level 3: Become an Institutional Member with a Right On Youth Network Club and receive:
All the benefits of an Institutional Member
Opportunities to take part in the Right-On Network activities, events and meetings
Opportunities to participate in the Right-On Network Conference
Priority in Activism Projects and Special Events
If you are interested in starting a Right On club in your school, please contact us at the CMPHR office and talk to a member of staff.
Active School in CMPHR campaigns scinec August 2008 click here
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