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DAWN February 14th, 2007: Building Defences for Peace  
DAWN May 2nd, 2010: Imprints at the Ground Level  
DAWN, November 21st, 2007: Children Star in Plays, Dance  
DAWN, November 22nd, 2008: Children’s Day Celebrated  
DAWN, The Review, March 25th, 2004: Drawing Lines of Peace 1  
DAWN, The Review, March 25th, 2004: Drawing Lines of Peace 2  
DAWN, Young World, August 21st, 2004: Award for HREP  
DAWN, Young World, December 1st, 2007: Children for Social Change  
Miscellaneous Newspapers: October 22nd, 2008 – Right On Meeting  
The News, April 22nd, 2009: Children’s Film Festival Concludes  
The News, August 31st, 2008: ‘Don’t Just Sit There, Become the Change You Want to See’.  
The News, March 16th, 2008: Violence, Children and the Media  
Daily Times, April 23rd, 2010: CMPHR displays 5000 artworks at Sadequain Gallery  
DAWN, The Review, April 17th, 2008: Childhood shrouded in Fear  
DAWN, The Review, February 22 – 28th, 2007: Where Dreams will become Reality  
DAWN, The Review, November 04 – 10th 2004: Women taking Strides  
Daily Jang, February 3rd, 2008: Halaf Baradari ki ek Anokhi Taqreeb  
The News, June 28th, 2007: Serenity to Accept Things that Cannot be Changed  
The Star, March 4th, 2005: Schoolchildren Appeal to Chief Justice  
Visage, April 2007: Our Children’s Future  
The Express Tribune, April 21st, 2010: To Get Back Regular Rains  
Business Recorder, May 21st 2009: CMPHR to submit signed petition to NA  
DAWN, November 22nd 2008: Children's Day Celebrated  
DAWN, December 4th 2009: International Day of Persons with Disabilities  
DAWN, October 4th 2008: Schoolchildren make Government Sign UN Convention  
The News, June 6th 2008: Schoolchildren teach ethics to the Government!  
The Financial Daily, May 21st 2009: Govt urged to ratify UNCRPD  
The News, December 2nd 2007: December 3 - A Day for Awareness  
The News, December 4th 2009: Marri for resolution of problems of citizens with disabilities  
The News, May 14th 2009: Youth Advocacy Forum  
The News, May 15th 2009: Ratification of UN Convention demanded  
The News, Dec 4th 2007: National moot urges recognition of disabled persons  
The News, November 1st 2007: Students take up fight for rights of disabled persons  
DAWN, May 9th 2008: Disability is a Human Rights Issue  
DAWN, December 4th 2007: We Have the Power Campaign photo  
Financial Post, May 21st 2009: Govt to be presented with 0.5m signatures regarding rights of people with disabilities  
Roznama Nawa-e-Waqt, May 21st 2009  
The News, December 3rd 2007: Stand Up for the Champions  
Roznama Jang, November 4th 2007: photo  
The News, December 4th 2007: Petition signed by 25,000 children given to minister  
DAWN April 7th , 2002 Kittens Also Teach  
DAWN April 13th , 2003 In Praise of Tolerance  
DAWN July 25th , 2004 Making the Connection  
DAWN June 13, 2004 Yearning for Peace  
DAWN March 21th , 2004 Women @ Work  
DAWN October. 17th , 2004 In the Words of Animals  
DAWN 2005 With my Friends  
The News Inter. November. 21, 2004 Bringing in the Little People  
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