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Associate Engagement

TJX Associates engaging, collaborating, and planning with a goal of minimizing environmental impact
TJX Associates engaging, collaborating, and planning with a goal of minimizing environmental impact

Corporate responsibility, including environmental sustainability, is important to both current and prospective Associates. We welcome ideas that could help enable our business to reduce our environmental footprint, use less energy, and create less waste in our operations. Our Associates are encouraged to consider how to make operational decisions that can potentially minimize environmental impacts, and we communicate this in our Global Code of Conduct.

Additionally, we have organized global cross-functional teams focused on supporting the implementation of our environmental sustainability programs, goals and initiatives. Specifically, we have created teams that address key strategies focused on the following topics: Carbon and Energy, Waste Management, Green IT (Information Technology), and Sustainable Merchandise and Packaging.


We use various internal communications platforms across all our regions to share information and training opportunities with our Associates about our environmental sustainability focus areas, goals, and initiatives.

In Fiscal 2022, we celebrated Earth Week, announcing our new environmental goals to help raise awareness about TJX’s environmental sustainability programs with our store, distribution center, and office Associates. For example, in our global home offices, we:

Green Information Technology


As our environmental sustainability strategy and program continue to evolve, teams throughout our business are coming together to collaborate and align with our corporate sustainability priorities to further drive this progress. To that end, Green IT, is an initiative focused on managing and leveraging technology to reduce the TJX Global IT team’s environmental footprint.

The Green IT Committee is sponsored by senior members of TJX’s Global IT leadership team and works to:


Updated September 2022