Badal do!

“Badal do!” Teachers Training program was conceptualized by a group of seven organizations that envision to ‘Ignite the change within’ among teachers who are the future ‘Agents of Change’ for the society and future generations.

The Seven partner organizations are AzCorp, Chidren’s Meseum for Peace and Human Rights, Mind Map Communications, Pakistan American Cultural Centre, Society for International Education, The School of Writing and Teacher’s Resource Center.

Badal do! was launched for schools and civil society on 25th March 2017

Badal do! training aims to transform the behaviors, mindsets and values of the teachers to promote inclusion, Diversity and tolerance, peace building, social awareness and encouraging social activism. The training will cascade into the classrooms through activities and involvement of the students and parents.

The partners of Badal do! have a huge ambition and hopes that the training and campaigns will eventually develp into a movement to bring about a change in our society. Nothing can make a difference in society unless teachers are trained to be proactiv and responsible citizens. It is time to focus on human-centric training based on developing respect and understanding for all humanity.

CMPHR’s role in Badal do! is to train a total of 400 teachers from 250 schools. CMPHR has developed the training material that is at first inward looking-Self Evaluation for peace understanding and then building on ther human values on the basis of inner strength. CMPHR training is based on the five major Components:

  • Self-Evaluation and Sensitivity
  • Strengthening Rights and Responsibilities
  • Supporting Non-Violence
  • Sustainable Development
  • Social Justice and Social Activism


These five topics are discussed within the training in to session(full-day) of 100 teachers in each session. There are a total of eight sessions of training per year.

Post training the Badal do! concept will cascade into schools with projects and transformation of schools into ‘Badal do’ schools. This process will start in 2018.