• For the past 15 years CMPHR and HREP (what CMPHR was called before) have been working with children to educate them about human rights, peace, tolerance, social justice, environment & development. Our work is a combination of education about the above issues and avenues and opportunities for hands on activism
  • In 2004 HREP received a HURIGHTS Osaka award for the best Human Rights Education Material in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • The Building Project in an attempt to institutionalise the past 15 years of work by creating a non-profit museum developed primarily for children, with peace and human rights as it curatorial focus.
  • The project consists of over 150,000 square feet of custom built facility on 1.57 acres of land within the old Race Course Gardens in Karachi. It will be a multi-dimensional educational space for children that will provide opportunities to learn about wide spectrum of social issues in an enjoyable, interactive and inspiring environment
  • The facility will be:
    • A refreshingly new institutional investment for children that is proactive, preventive, progressive, & forward looking
    • The first institution of its kind in Pakistan
    • The first large scale peace & human rights museum specifically for children anywhere in the world
    • A major landmark for Karachi.