A Peaceful Karachi is Possible

Karachi, once the symbol of progress and development in Pakistan, has now transformed into one of the most violent urban centre of the world and is home to violent activities ranging from gang-wars, religious/sectarian conflicts and increasing ethnic and political divides. Today every person has been affected by the situation. Our city of lights is darkened by this increasing tension and lack of security.Thus it has become our duty to be proactive and find ways to promote peace in our community.

The campaign aims to reach out to our concerned community members, parents, teachers, students, government officials etc, to created a more tolerant society and ensure safety and well-being of its citizens. We can forge the future generations on a new path and start by speaking out against intolerance, violence and terrorism.

The Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights and The Good Cause Foundation UK, joined hand to organize a peace-campaign called “A Peaceful Karachi is Possible”.

The programme was launched in December 2014 and ended in July 2015. The programme was attended by 203 students from 25 schools. The impact of this campaign cascaded to parents and closer communities of the students through the pledge forms signatures they obtained from the communities. From the inaugural event and the closing event, we assessed the impact and understanding of the concept, reflected by the students through their artwork, writings and reports and presentations.

Over the past many years Karachi being the largest metropolis of Pakistan has seen violence due to many aspects such as political, socio-economic, religious and ethic diversity. Working in coordination with the civil society and the governments in the past CMPHR has focused its role in making the ‘Change’ through education reforms and actively involving students to be aware of social issues and to take action.

Since the last fifteen years CMPHR has been proactive through its education programmes and educate the young minds for the shift in ideology that is needed in the communities through tolerance and understanding of diversity by designing and bringing an integrated CMPHR Education materials and lesson plans as part of the Social Studies curriculums at provincial levels particularly in Sindh.

The activity ” A Peaceful KARACHI is Possible” is at this moment most apt and relevant, when the government has responded to ensure safety and security of its citizens at national level to act against terrorism and urban violence.

Content of the Course:
Diversity & Tolerance 
Say No to Violence, No to gun culture 
Participation & Action 
Optimism and Hope

The activity was Karachi based and targeted for the lower and upper secondary level students as their understanding of the needs of their communities is far more higher that the primary level students. Secondly the teaching and learning impact is immediate and they will be involved in making the difference through solicitation with families, peers and members of their communities. We seek a much larger audience through the young minds.


  • Direct beneficiaries: 500
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 5000
  • (The entire school that is participating, the parents, friends and community of the direct beneficiaries).

Activity Objectives:

The impact of this learning process is aimed at the grass-root levels in the classrooms of schools in private, NGO and public sector schools and in the marginalized communities and the long-term goal is to reach out to all townships of Karachi